Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Few tips for speedier browsing.

How often have you lost your temper when you are searching a forum's thread for a "how-to-fix" the broken piece of electronics your best mate gifted you on your birthday? Or trying to find a nice greeting card on Google Image search, clicking each thumbnail and exhausting yourself in back and forth browsing exercise? Quite often, right?

If you browse the internet, you have experienced the annoyance that multi-page galleries, reviews, and sometimes even Google search creates. By multi-page content, I mean a single piece of information, which is broken into multiple pages, mostly for advertisements that the viewer hates.

This small article should help you speed up your browsing. But your browser should be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (honestly, I haven't tried other browsers).

The Solution

  1. Fastest Chrome/Fastest Fox: automatically loads next pages whenever possible, when you scroll to the bottom of the web-page. This saves you from trying to locate the next button or counter and clicking it. Not only that, you can have quick Wikipedia definitions on simply selecting a word or phrase without having to open a new tab.

  2. Hover Zoom/Thumbnail Zoom: hover your mouse over any image on the webpage and it will most likely magnify, i.e. if the image is actually a low-resolution or thumbnail for preview. This again, saves you from opening the link of the original image.

I have been using these couple of extensions for years now and enjoying an incredibly fast browsing experience.

Please leave a comment if you like or dislike. Corrections are very much appreciated...


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