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Playing in Amazon's Clouds - Introduction to Elastic Computing Cloud - Part 1

A really brief Intro.. Researcher, Trying to execute an extremely computationally resource hungry experiment? App developer, unsure of how much data you'll be collecting from the users? Student, tasked to build your FYP (final year project) on distributed computing environment? Just an ordinary techie trying to catch up with the world?
If you're any of these, you cannot escape the fact that Cloud computing is storming in and you have to engage yourself actively in it. Adopt it, or perish.
I'm a newbie (better say wannabe) in this massive web of computing, and here just to share some experiences I'm having - successes and failures.
First of all, Cloud computing is nothing new, it has been there for over 3 decades and was referred with names like Grid computing and Distributed computing. It was business people that came up with a catchy name to attract business.
The idea behind distributed computing is simple. We create a network of computers to do handle complex tasks that a s…