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Protecting your Phone/Laptop/Tablet screens.

This happened to me a couple of days ago when my colleague at work, avenging my act of trying to wipe the dust he loves so much off his keyboard using glass cleaning detergent, ruined the screen protector of my tablet.
This claimed hours of my time spending on searching for a suitable solution. None seemed to work for me, for example: Original protectors from vendors are up to $10 costly.Plastic tapes are very sticky, hard to clear bubbles from and even the largest size isn't for screens larger than 5 inches, and of course nobody would suggest sticking pieces of it.Some people suggested using Transparency papers and God knows why - they don't stick and you are not looking for something you hold with one hand and use the screen from the other hand, if it's a touch screen.Vinyl papers are not easily available, catch scratches too early and need to be changed every few days.A variety of people suggested using the device withou…

Which Smartphone OS should I prefer?

If you have some bucks in your pocket and are planning to exchange them for a Smartphone but first want to know in "plain English" which one to prefer, this is for you. First, something many of the Smartphone owners don’t know for sure is that a Smartphone is a combination of a mobile phone and a PDA (Personal Data Assistant). Which means you will be using it for keeping your personal data like files, notes, meeting schedules, etc. as well as making calls and sending messages. The soul of a Smartphone is not the shiny plastic or metallic body but the untouchable, software thing inside, called Operating System, “OS” in short. There is a long list of OS’s makers, out of which very few have succeeded in creating a Smartphone OS for any-kind-of- consumer. But you are still stuck in the middle of them, trying to decide the one that is “the best”. Unfortunately, with this approach, you’ll never be able to get to a fair conclusion. The question important for you is “which one is t…