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5 common myths about batteries

First, the list:

1.Keeping laptop/phone on charge overnight reduces battery life 2.Batteries should be drained to 0 and recharged to full 3.Batteries can swell or even explode due to overcharging 4.My power bank, equal to battery in terms of capacity should fully charge my phone 5.X type is better than Y type Yes, these are all myths and we’ll bust them one by one. But first, keep a few terms in mind. We’ll be using them frequently in this article: Battery life: the time from first use to last run before recycling/discardingRuntime: the running time of battery in a single complete charge before dischargingCycles: number of times the battery can be recharged from fully drained to maximumOvercharge: providing more voltage than required to charge the batteryStandby time: the capacity of battery to hold charge in storage or when not in use
Keeping laptop/phone on charge overnight reduces battery lifeThere’s some merit in this one, because about 2 decades ago, the chargers…