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Yet another Blog on Query Optimization for MySQL Server

If you have been into MIS development for some time, then you may have realized that buying latest, multi-thousand-dollar Machine, stuffed with a top notch processor and an army of memory chips is not sufficient to your needs when it comes to processing large data, especially when your DBMS is MySQL Server.

In this article, I have tried to input the tips and techniques to-be-followed - some in general and some specific to MySQL Server; but I would, as every blogger, repeat the same common phrase that "in the endit all depends on your scenario".

The results you are going to see will mostly be in milliseconds so before thinking "is it worth the effort if the result is in a few milliseconds?", do know that these results are derived using a very very simple database with not more than 100000 records in a table. With complex databases and records in millions, the effort will pay you back.

Coming straight to topic, here are some points you should not ignore when designing t…